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Our mission is to transform industrial dyeing into an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable process.

Holistic Sustainability

Sustainability is at the very core of what we do and we believe that for a technology to be truly impactful, it needs to be sustainable environmentally, financially and socially. As such, not only is our dyeing process eco-friendly and cost-competitive to conventional methods, but our model is designed to cause the minimum amount of social disruption to ensure we are not displacing people whose livelihoods depend on this industry.

Environmental Impact

The Colorifix technology eliminates some environmental issues associated with dyeing whilst significantly reducing others.



Colorifix improves each step of the dyeing process when it comes to natural resources and pollution.

Compared to the conventional dyeing step for Polycotton, the Colorifix technology reduces water consumption by at least 77%, electricity by 53%, and CO₂ emissions by 31%.

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100% natural


All of our dyes are biologically produced, meaning cleaner inputs and cleaner outputs.

The microorganisms are fuelled by simple sugars, yeast, and plant-byproducts. What normally takes many petrochemicals, our dyes are produced using these clean, renewable feedstocks.

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Our process uses just one renewable and non-toxic additive.

Our dyes are produced, deposited and fixed onto fabrics without the need for heavy metals or organic solvents.

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who benefits

Our pioneering technology improves the status quo for all stakeholders.

Fashion Brands


We can provide fashion brands with a greener product that doesn't compromise on quality.

In order for natural pigments to achieve wide-scale adoption, they need to meet industry standards such as high colour fastness scores. At Colorifix, we provide the first non-toxic and cost competitive solution where results compete with synthetic dyes in independently certified tests.

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We can offer manufacturers solutions that don't require investment in specialist equipment.

Our technology plugs in to existing infrastructure in dye houses. It also reduces reliance on a host of chemicals whose rising costs have depressed margins and for which availability is not always guaranteed. So manufacturers can win on price, while boosting their eco-credentials.

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We are showing that water consumption, pollution and CO2 emissions can be reduced on a huge scale.

The Colorifix process works on a liquor-to-fabric ratio of 1:6 at a temperature of just 37 degrees, and instead of all of the standard auxiliary chemicals, it uses one non-toxic additive. By localising production of our liquor at or near the dye house itself, we further reduce transport costs and carbon emissions.

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We are helping consumers to increase their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.

Awareness of the textile industry's negative impact on the planet has been rising and consumers are demanding more. We nonetheless recognise that in order to offer an alternative that can reach everyone, it has to be economical, and at Colorifix, we are making that happen.

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