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At Colorifix, we seek to follow Nature’s own circular model. After all, Nature makes and applies colour sustainably.

Colorifix Solutions


Going back to nature

For thousands of years, we used natural pigments. Now by engineering biology we can circle back and once again borrow colour from living things. This time, however, by working with nature, we can do so without harming the environment, compromising on quality or relying on supply chain availability.


The science of sustainable colour

Colorifix uses synthetic biology, removing the need for harsh chemistry in the creation or deposition of dyes. The first step is to find a colour that is created by a living thing such as an animal, plant or microbe.


Via DNA sequencing, we work out what encodes the instructions to make a pigment and we then translate that message into our engineered microorganisms, which we use both to grow and transfer the colour.


Our model is semi-distributed in order to minimise cost and environmental impact.

We create colour at the lab and then ship a tiny quantity of live microorganisms to local fermentation partners who then grow the colour, like beer, using by-products of the sugar production industry. The microorganisms are then transported locally and used directly in place of dye liquor, requiring no additional specialist equipment or toxic chemicals and one tenth of the water of standard processes. Our technology allows dyeing to take place at 37 degrees on both natural and synthetic fibres.


Colorifix can source and replicate true colours from nature

Nature has an incredibly broad colour palette. We can therefore create bespoke product according to a customer’s need and we have a rapidly evolving colour library. Whilst other eco-friendly alternatives often fall down on quality and price, we are focused on showing the industry that there does not need to be a trade-off.

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who benefits

Our pioneering technology improves the status quo for all stakeholders.

Fashion Brands


We can provide fashion brands with a greener product that doesn't compromise on quality.

In order for natural pigments to achieve wide-scale adoption, they need to meet industry standards such as high colour fastness scores. At Colorifix, we provide the first chemical-free solution where results compete with synthetic dyes in independently certified tests.

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We can offer manufacturers solutions that don't require investment in specialist equipment.

Our technology plugs in to existing infrastructure in dye houses. It also reduces reliance on a host of chemicals whose rising costs have depressed margins and for which availability is not always guaranteed. So manufacturers can win on price, while boosting their eco-credentials.

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We are showing that water consumption, pollution and CO2 emissions can be reduced on a huge scale.

The Colorifix process works on a liquor-to-fabric ratio of 3:1 at a temperature of 37 degrees, and instead of all of the standard auxiliary chemicals, it uses one non-toxic additive. By localising production of our liquor at or near the dye house itself, we further reduce transport costs and carbon emissions.

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We are helping consumers to increase their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.

Awareness of the textile industry's negative impact on the planet has been rising and consumers are demanding more. We nonetheless recognise that in order to offer an alternative that can reach everyone, it has to be economical, and at Colorifix, we are making that happen.

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Growing colour, nature's way