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Who we work with

Colorifix Clients

our clients

A collection of iconic international companies leading the way in innovation within the textiles industry. We seek those who share our vision, commitment to a sustainable future for fashion and textiles.


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“There is no planet B, and sustainability is not just a trend, it´s an ethical, efficient and a reliable necessity of tomorrow”

                                                                                                                                             Acatel, the textile of tomorrow..


Alcatel is a company of optimized, innovative and sustainable processes of dyeing, printing and finishing of knits and fabrics. It also includes garment dyeing in the industrial chain.


Forster Rohner

Forster Rohner

‘Fascination through creation, innovation and tradition’

The Forster Rohner group have an endless portfolio of embroidery providing the industry with a source of inspiration as they merge tradition and cutting edge technology. They have a long-lasting collaboration with Christian Dior and Balenciaga along with many ready-to-wear, lingerie and haute couture brands.

RDD Textiles ®

RDD Textiles ®

“Consciousness is our Luxury”

RDD Textiles® – Research, Design and Development – provides integrated innovative solutions, from new concepts and designs to the final product – top and singular jersey fabrics and knits – for the global fashion brands.


Social and environmental awareness is in the soul of RDD, which integrates an experienced team of thinkers and makers that co-work day by day with all the stakeholders to inspire the conscious and demanding modern-day fashion market.


RDD were the first to bet on Colorifix, and were our first pilot and now our first scaling partner. We launched our first products with them and they are our most advanced production partner.



‘For those looking to make naturally advanced choices.’

Tintex nurtures a strong relationship between creativity and commercial realities. Their vision is to build a new generation textile business that delivers an eco-sustainable strategy for all its production and fabric innovations. Tintex use the best sustainable hi-tech dyeing and finishing processes for the contemporary fashion, sport and lingerie markets.

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