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Bringing life to colour and colour to life

At Colorifix, we engineer natural solutions to solve man-made problems.

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See how

Colorifix is the first company to use a biological process to produce, deposit and fix pigments onto textiles.

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100 billion articles of clothing are made every year. This comes at a huge cost to the environment, from the raw materials used to the industrial processes that support production. By working with Nature, we can change the paradigm.


The dyeing industry is one of the largest water consumers in the world, using over 5 trillion litres per year along with petrochemical dyes and a host of toxic and highly polluting chemicals. According to the World Bank, textile dyeing accounts for around 20% of global industrial water pollution.

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Textile dyeing pollution is more than simply dye and water.  The industry uses up to 1.2 kilos of chemicals per kilo of fabric, only 50 grams of it being dye. Approximately 70 highly toxic chemicals are routinely used in textile processing, and up to 30 of them are irretrievable.

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Toxic Chemicals


Our goal at Colorifix is to minimise the environmental impact of the textile dyeing industry by replacing chemistry with biology.  This completely avoids petrochemicals and allows us to move towards a renewable and sustainable supply chain whilst providing benefits in water and energy.

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Toxic Additives

How we can help

Using a synthetic biology approach, we offer a radically different solution that entirely cuts out the use of harsh chemistry and leads to huge reductions in water consumption, while meeting all key industry standards.

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Who will benefit


Fashion Brands

An alternative to synthetic dyes that meets key quality standards


The Environment

A non-toxic process, using less energy and less water



The products people want without all of the environmental damage

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The Future of Fashion

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