Colorifix has developed a revolutionary dyeing technology to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact in a cost effective manner. We are the first company to use a natural biological process to produce, deposit and fix pigments onto a wide variety of fabrics. In other words we are applying Nature’s solutions to solve man-made problems.

Instead of using toxic and non-renewable petrochemicals, Colorifix is creating a range of colours produced naturally by organisms such as microbes, plants, animals and insects. Microorganisms engineered with advanced synthetic biology methods convert agricultural by-products, such as sugar molasses, into colorants suitable for textile dyeing. Importantly, our process enhances the microorganisms’ natural ability to directly transfer the colour onto fabric, saving water and energy.

Our ANDAM award-winning innovation uses ten times less water than traditional dyeing methods and no heavy metals, organic solvents or acids, yet achieves excellent results in independently certified quality tests.

Colorifix is committed to a more sustainable future for textiles and fashion.