Colorifix Admin

Colorifix is a biotech company that has created a sustainable textile dyeing process for the fashion industry. By definition, we’re interdisciplinary at our core. But our technology, and its applications, has been primarily developed by scientists and other technical experts. As a company that is always looking to foster more collaboration and creativity, we’re so excited to be launching this three-month residency to introduce design research methods and generally new, tactile ways of thinking and working together.


Without further ado, say hello to the first ever Colorifix Creative Resident! Ruth Lloyd is a design researcher focused on sustainable, circular, and regenerative systems of colour.




This summer, Ruth be working with us to explore the creative potential of microbial dyes to create intentional patterning.


Ruth approaches colour-producing living systems, not as a scientist, but as a skilled print and dye practitioner with a desire to change the way textiles are coloured both by designers and craftspeople and in industry. Throughout her recent Textiles MA at the Royal College of Art, she developed practice-based research focused on the creative potential of microbial pigments, investigating how these living colour systems present solutions and replacements to the global reliance on toxic petroleum-based colour and dye systems.


We’re looking forward to working with such a talented researcher and designer and will be sharing more about our collaboration along the way. Stay tuned!


In the meantime, you can learn more about Ruth’s work here:

RCA 2021 Textiles Show