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The Mills Fabrica is a global platform for sustainable and social innovation. Founded in Hong Kong, it has recently opened a London hub dedicated to supporting innovators and entrepreneurs including us at Colorifix! We’re very proud to be a Mills Fabrica incubatee and to be a part of this exciting, global community.


The Mills Fabrica building in King’s Cross


Beyond simply utilising the (beautiful) co-working space, we were invited to showcase in the Fabrica X innovation gallery and concept store on the ground floor of the building alongside a handful of other amazing companies working in sustainable food or fashion. It was so fun collaborating with Mills Fabrica and designers from Wayward to communicate our technology in such a visually powerfully way.


Fabrica X is open to the public and has thus been a vital means for us to connect directly with consumers and citizens. Though there is increasing public awareness of the environmental (and social) costs of fashion, not many people realise that the colour of their clothing is a major part of the problem. And even fewer people will know much about genetic engineering, synthetic biology, or industrial fermentation! These are all complicated topics and we are always looking for ways to tell this story in an accessible, engaging way. The installation at Fabrica X was the perfect way to do this.


Stop by if you’re in London King’s Cross!

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

Address: Cottam House, 36-40 York Way, N1 9AB, London


The Mills Fabrica will also be curating a programme of cultural and industry events open the public and we look forward participating and contributing to them.



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